The Next Edition of "Inside Cyber Warfare" - Coming Soon*

I'm very happy to report that my publisher, O'Reilly Media, has approved an updated second edition of my book "Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld". I'll be spending the next three months writing three new chapters and updating four of the original ones. New content will include research in the following areas:

  • A detailed examination of cyberwarfare commands by nation state, including organization and capabilities
  • An operational profile of Anonymous focusing on its campaigns, strategy and tactics
  • The Peoples Republic of China's use of technology transfer of IP, both overt and covert.
  • The Russian Federation's heavy investment in Facebook and other social media through its politically connected Internet entrepreneurs
  • Plus guest essayists and a few other surprises

I'll be using this blog to keep everyone updated as to the book's progress so be sure to subscribe.

* I modified the title of this post because while I'm hopeful that the new edition will be out this December, it's really too soon to announce a date. 


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