France Throws Cyber Stones From Its Glass House

Source: L'Expansion.L' 20 NOV 2012
The government of France shouldn't be so quick to charge the U.S. with being responsible for the Flame malware found on President Sarkozy's computer. Kaspersky Lab had remarkably little evidence to support their charge that it was created by the team that created Stuxnet and Duqu, and CrySys Labs said that it probably wasn't created by the Stuxnet/DuQu team.

Further, France is in no position to throw stones. It's use of cyber espionage operations is well-known inside the U.S. Intelligence Community as well as by the German gov't who consider them a more severe risk to intellectual property theft than Russia or China. France's state-owned energy firm EDF also conducted cyber espionage attacks against Greenpeace.


Report: French officials accuse US of hacking Sarkozy's computers
Votre Secrets, Monsieur? "The idea of the French using their intelligence service to obtain scientific, economic, and technological information from friendly countries is not new."


  1. What about the WaPo report that Flame was a joint U.S./Israeli project from the same "Olympic Games" program that birthed Stuxnet?

  2. I spoke with Ellen about that article. I thought it was extremely weak.

  3. The French government never accused anybody. L'Express, the magazine behind the 'investigation' on the attacks, is the one pointing fingers (a little too fast, in my opinion).


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