Anonymous Attacks Israeli Air Force Website and Other Targets

English language page of Israeli Air Force Website
A Middle East faction of Anonymous has taken the side of the Palestinian settlers in Gaza and announced that it would be attacking Israeli government websites. One of them belonged to Israel's Air Force according to this tweet:
Screenshot captured on 11/16/2012 0658 PST

Screenshot captured by AnonymousSky and referenced in the above tweet
In less than two days after Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense (the English version of the more obscure Pillar of Cloud designation), civilian supporters on both sides of the conflict have begun launching cyber attacks against key websites (see my original post on this conflict). 88 defacements have been posted to Pastebin today and much more are expected to occur.

UPDATE 16NOV12 0944PST: The following Israeli gov't websites have been attacked by Anonymous per @AnonymousSKY
  • Israel Security Agency (
  • Ministry of Justice (
@YourAnonNews has reported that cyber attacks from pro-Israel hackers have impacted VoxAnon - an IRC network popular with Anons.

  • Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is down (
  • More than 663 Israeli websites defaced 


The Cyber Warfare Component to Israel's Pillar of Cloud Op