OSINT analysis of U.S. capabilities to attack industrial control systems

I'm very pleased to announce that Sean McBride, co-founder of Critical Intelligence, is our latest speaker at Suits and Spooks Boston. With Sean's addition, we'll have the most aggressive set of talks on how to take down critical infrastructure that I've ever seen at any security conference. Here's a summary of Sean's presentation:

Title: OSINT analysis of U.S. capabilities to attack industrial control systems

Critical Intelligence provides industrial control systems (ICS) security stakeholders with actionable intelligence pertinent to protecting information assets that operate physical critical infrastructure. This presentation, which fuzes official military doctrine, state department leaks and sanction lists, control system vendor forum comments, online resumes, and traditional news reports, represents the most comprehensive OSINT effort to characterize the capabilities of the United States government to attack ICS undertaken to date.

Before coming to Critical Intelligence, Sean instituted and led the situational awareness effort for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Control Systems Security Program (CSSP) at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

The complete agenda and registration information for Suits and Spooks Boston is here. We only have a few seats remaining so register today and don't miss this opportunity to get no FUD, in-depth, solid information on offensive tactics against CI.