My Talk on Cyber Warfare and China's Active Defense Strategy

I'm very pleased to be able to announce that I'll be speaking at The New York Military Affairs Symposium in New York City this Friday, October 19th with renowned historian Dr. John Prados. If you're in the city or close by,  please attend and introduce yourself. My portion of the evening will include a discussion of China's use of Active Defense as part of its informatized warfare strategy (China doesn't use the term "cyber warfare"). I'll also include comments on SECDEF's recent speech, Iran's cyber operations, and the attack against Saudi Aramco's facility.

Also, if you're in or near the Boston area, it's not too late to register for Suits and Spooks. Dale Peterson of Digital Bond's talk on how to simultaneously compromise multiple power facilities is going to blow everyone away, and rather than hearing whispers about Israel's cyber capabilities, a former IDF hacker will tell you first hand how he and a red team would run a full spectrum (cyber and kinetic) offensive op against a power plant. The full agenda and registration info can be seen at the above link. Don't miss this one.