October Research Priorities for Brazil, China, Iran, Russia, S. Korea, Taiwan

My firm, Taia Global, has launched a new monthly report called S&TI (Science and Technical Intelligence) Flash Traffic Monthly Brief, and today the first issue went out to our subscribers. We use foreign language search and country experts to do a monthly round-up of high priority research and development projects underway in 14 nation states: Brazil, Bulgaria, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

In this inaugural issue, we covered the six states mentioned in the title. Here's a sampling of some of the projects that we reported on:
  • EADS plans to co-develop Continuous Detonation Wave Engines at Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow
  • Iran's new spy drone is an exact replica of Israel's Hermes 450
  • Brazil is auctioning off-shore oil leases if foreign companies will open and fund R&D labs in Brazil's technology corridor.
  • South Korea plans to produce indigenously-developed surface-to-air guided missiles next year
The October issue is now available for $42.50, or you may contact us for information on on our annual subscription. It's a condensed report, fully sourced, delivered in plain text via your email inbox.


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