Disruption from Within - the Insider Threat

The publicity, focus and funding associated with advanced persistent attacks and other external threats have left many companies ill prepared to defend against another vector of attack, one that operates below the radar and whose impact can rival that of any external attack - a compromised employee, vendor, supplier - the Insider Theat. Why is it increasing, sometimes  forgotten and how best to protect against it.

I'm pleased to announce that one of the telecommunications industry's leading security professionals will present just such an attack scenario at Suits and Spooks Boston. Henry Shiembob is the Executive Director of Cyber Security and Fraud Operation for Verizon and has responsibility for all global activities related to cyber compliance and investigations, insider threat, supply chain security and external fraud investigations.  Prior to his current role, Henry was Executive Director of International Security for Verizon where he was responsible for all security operations outside the United States; including investigations, physical security, crisis management and executive protection.  Henry also served as the responsible compliance executive for all international operations.

Henry’s career includes over 23 years in risk management, cyber security and international operations, including five years with Kissinger & Associates where he was Team Leader for former Secretary-of-State Dr. Henry A. Kissinger. In this capacity, he directed domestic and international security operations, including risk assessments, executive protection and intelligence briefings and was a government liaison for security matters.

This is one of 15 different offensive talks that you'll hear on October 18th and our attendance will be kept to no more than 130 people to give you ample opportunity to interact with all of our speakers while you're there. If you want to hear and discuss this particular offensive tactic with Mr. Shiembob, then register for Suits and Spooks Boston today.