15 Attack Plans To Disrupt or Destroy U.S. Critical Infrastructure

On October 18, 2012 at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA, I've invited 15 subject matter experts who will provide unique offensive attack plans designed to disrupt or destroy water, power, transportation, communication, healthcare and banking systems; i.e., the nation's critical infrastructure. There will be no media in attendance nor will any of those presentations be made available to the public. Only the attendees of Suits and Spooks Boston will hear those plans along with the vulnerabilities in each sector that make those plans viable.

This is the most ambitious Suits and Spooks event that I've held to date and the reason why I've organized it is because there's a serious lack of information among decision makers in the public and private sector regarding actual vulnerabilities. Instead what's most often heard are inflated threats of a "cyber 911" or a multitude of technical exploits involving SCADA software and hardware that only about 5% of the population understands. It's impossible to develop effective solutions without first understanding the reality of the threat landscape surrounding critical infrastructure. At SNS Boston, our experts will present offensive tactical plans in precise, non-technical language. I can promise you that the information communicated to you on October 18th will cause you to shift your thinking around security in profound ways. Dale Peterson, for example, will show you how an adversary could take out thousands of power plants around the world and disrupt large parts of the electrical transmission system. Suits and Spooks Boston will be the first time that such a plan has ever been presented.

A few of our subject matter experts include:

COMMUNICATIONS: Mr. Henry Shiembob, Executive Director Cyber Security & Fraud Operations, Verizon.

WATER: Mr. John Sullivan, Chief Engineer at the Boston Water & Sewer Commission; member of the board of directors at the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies and Chairman of the board of managers at the WaterISAC.

POWER: Mr. Dale Peterson: Dale is an internationally-renowned SCADA security technologist. In addition to his widely read SCADA security blog Digital Bond, Dale has written two Protection Profiles for NIST’s PCSRF, many whitepapers, magazine articles and presentations.

BANKING: Mr. Phil Rosenberg: Director, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services; 39 yrs experience in the collection and analysis of strategic policy relevant and actionable financial intelligence for banks, corporations, and governments.

HEALTHCARE: Mr. Christopher Burgess: COO and CSO, Atigeo; Prior to joining Atigeo, Burgess was senior security advisor to the CSO at Cisco. He also served 30 years within the Central Intelligence Agency, from which he retired and was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.

PHYSICAL PLANT SECURITY: Mr. Rob DuBois: Red Team Operations Manager and Author of “Powerful Peace; A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War”

We are capping our attendance at 130 and limiting our sponsors to no more than 5 in order to provide maximum benefit to everyone who participates. Our current sponsors include Basis Technology, RecordedFuture, and LookingGlass Cyber Solutions (there are two remaining if you're interested). If you register to attend SNS Boston by August 18th, you can take advantage of the super early bird rate of $195, which is a savings of $200. Complete information including how to register is available here.