An Inconvenient Truth: LadyPHP "Cleans" Eugene Kaspersky's Wikipedia Page

Wired's Noah Shachtman wrote a thorough, fact-checked, balanced article about Eugene Kaspersky and his company Kaspersky Labs which properly identified Kaspersky's relationships (business and personal) with the Russian government. I know this because (a) I provided some background research on Kaspersky Labs' Russian activities to Noah and (b) I was contacted by Wired's fact checkers before the article was published. In fact, so was Kaspersky Labs.

Noah's article came out on July 23. Kaspersky posted his criticism of the article on July 25. At some point, the Wired article was added to Eugene Kaspersky's Wikipedia page. On August 3 and August 7, someone with the newly created alias of "LadyPHP" removed all mention of the article as an "un-neutral and un-proven link"- but it's neither. I agree that biographies of living persons should be as accurate and unbiased as possible and Eugene Kaspersky deserves credit for creating a prosperous and successful business in the Russian Federation. However part and parcel of that includes owning the facts about his business relationships with the Russian government. Whoever deleted that reference is only making it appear like Eugene Kaspersky has something to hide.