The Use of Covert Cyber Counter Strikes as Active Defense (and other topics) at Suits and Spooks DC

Waterview Conference Center,  Rosslyn VA
Can the U.S. legally engage in covert cyber counter strikes as a form of active defense against hostile actions by non-state actors in Russia, China or elsewhere? That's one of the forward-looking talks being given at Suits and Spooks DC by Professor Catherine Lotrionte of Georgetown University.

Are tamper-proof chips really tamper proof? Can firmware be extracted from the locked chips such as those used on the captured RQ-170? Travis Goodspeed will show how it can be done on the cheap.

Can a privately funded spy satellite system be used to secure evidence targeting criminal behavior by governments or their officials? Thanks to the work of the Enough Project organization, we know the answer to that question is yes. Jonathan Huston will explain how they did it.

And that's just 3 of our talks. In addition to Catherine, Travis, and Jonathan, Suits and Spooks attendees will interact with:
  • Don O'Donnell - Rand Corporation
  • Rand Waltzman amd Randy Garrett - DARPA
  • Dan Geer - In-Q-Tel
  • Anup Ghosh - Invincea
Then from outside of the InfoSec space, reflecting our multi-disciplinary approach, we'll hear talks from:
  • Christopher Burgess - Atigeo
  • Ben Milne - Dwolla
  • Janina Gavankar - Posterous Spaces for Actors
  • John Robb - author, Brave New War
  • Jodee Rich - CEO, PeopleBrowsr
Every attendee will have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers in an elegant setting overlooking the Potomac river and the Capital. The entire day will be focused on brain-storming new security solutions that we hope will give birth to a revolution in security affairs. Real-time analysis on a Palantir workspace will be flashed onto a screen behind the speakers and a final report will be issued afterwards to members of Congress and interested agencies.

Pricing includes breakfast, lunch, and a wine reception afterwards:
  • Students and academics: $195
  • Gov't employees: $295
  • Early bird registration: $395
  • Standard registration: $495
The early bird registration ends January 6, 2012 and we are capping attendance at no more than 100 individuals, including speakers so reserve your seat today.