Spontaneous Analysis of Unstructured Speech for Idea Development using Palantir

Sample Palantir Analysis: http://taia.co/rqGYrr
My goal for each Suits and Spooks anti-conference is to tackle a hard challenge with a unique approach. In this case, we're going to use Palantir to navigate and intuite patterns in unstructured human speech instead of unstructured data to find hidden connections and spark creative solutions.

Palantir was created to perform information analysis. We used it 3 1/2 years ago for our open source intelligence experiment called Project Grey Goose. In February, 2012 we're going to reinvent its use by moving from finding "fragments of data which tell a larger story" to finding fragments of ideas presented by speakers and commented upon by attendees. I'm particularly excited about the input from attendees because unlike the standard conference where attendees have to que up before one or two microphones, at SnS every attendee will have a microphone at their seat and will be able to challenge speakers during their 30 minute presentations. Additionally, attendees will be able to send text messages to the Palantir engineer for ingestion into the application. Twitter will be a third source of input by ingesting everything tweeted to @suitsandspooks on the day of the event. We will not only be capturing the remarkable information provided by our speakers but the ideas and feedback that it inspires on the part of our attendees.

Finally, all of those inputs will be linked and analyzed in real time by projecting the Palantir workspace onto a screen behind the speaker podium which will multiply the effect of idea generation as new linkages and conceptual ideas are displayed, added to, spoken about, analyzed and re-displayed repeatedly throughout the day. After the event is over, we'll publish a report containing our findings along with screen shots of the Palantir workspace that will portray how the analysis was done.

10 Days Left For The Early Bird Discount
Register today to be a part of this unique process and interact with the following remarkable individuals who'll be speaking:
  • Ben Milne (founder of Dwolla)
  • Jonathon Huston (Satellite Sentinel Project)
  • John Robb (Brave New War)
  • Janina Gavankar (Posterous Spaces for Actors)
  • Jodee Rich (founder of PeopleBrowsr)
  • Anup Ghosh (founder of Invincea)
  • Daniel Geer (In-Q-Tel)
  • Rand Waltzman (Darpa)
  • (and more to come)
Please support this event with your attendance and with word of mouth. The topic - Shaping a Revolution in Security Affairs - is vitally important as the recent capture of a Top Secret RQ-170 Stealth Sentinel drone so dramatically illustrates. Everyone from the Director of the NSA on down knows that the present system is broken (with the exception of the RSA's of the world). This is your opportunity to be a part of discovering a more effective model.