Today's Comp Sci Students Don't Understand Technology's National Security Implications. Let's Change That.

Polls open for Crimean Referendum on Secession
The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea and its implications for defining cyber warfare is a watershed moment for everyone concerned with issues of sovereignty, warfare, hacktivism, and security. For that reason, I've dedicated a significant portion of our Suits and Spooks San Francisco agenda to exploring those issues with some of the best subject matter experts in the country including Professor Anna Vassilieva of the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Tomorrow's computer security engineers and data analysts may be well prepared to handle the technical demands of their job but it's doubtful that they'll understand the national security implications that a borderless Internet and global social media presence have created. 

To that end, I'd like to offer up to 30 computer science and political science students from Northern CA colleges and universities an opportunity to come to Suits and Spooks San Francisco for free if we can find individuals or companies to sponsor them. If you'd like to have your name or your company's name on a free pass to a Stanford, Berkeley or Monterey Institute of International Studies student, here's how to do it.

Thanks in advance for your support of this program,



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