The Security Startup Speed Lunch: Something to Chew On

In the course of running Suits and Spooks, I've had numerous requests from executives of various-sized companies regarding whether I've seen any exciting new security startups that look promising. I do from time to time, and I make those introductions whenever possible.

Then just last week, a colleague suggested that I consider hosting a security start-up happy hour for a future Suits and Spooks event. I considered it for about a week and then realized that rather than a happy hour, a speed "dating" lunch format might be the perfect way to bring a dozen or more promising security startups in front of directors, VPs, and CISOs in short 5 minute bursts.

A Speed Lunch, But Not For Dating

We'll use a selection process to identify startups who fall into various buckets (threat intelligence, data analytics, malware detection, etc.) and invite the top 20 to a private luncheon with decision-makers from mid-size and enterprise-level companies.

As a potential customer, you'll know before hand who the startups are and what they do, as well as their "vitals" (Management team, product description, date of formation, etc.) and then select up to 6 startups to meet with over a 60 minute lunch in 8 minute speed rounds.

As a selected startup, you'll have an opportunity to meet 1:1 with those people most important to your success: interested potential customers who have a need for your product.

Our inaugural event will happen soon at an exclusive venue in New York City or Washington DC. If you have a security startup company and want to participate, contact me today for more information.

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