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WA State Has Now Killed 18 Wolves Because Of One Ranch - the Diamond M

Source: The McIrvin family, owners of the Diamond M cattle ranch for five generations,  have been running cattle in Colville National Forest, one million acres of federal land in Ferry, Stevens and Pend Oreille counties. There's no good reason for it because the land is ill-suited for cattle and it's home to about 100 wolves; an endangered species in WA state. Source: The Diamond M has about 4,500 head of cattle. They lost 16 cattle to wolves in 2016 according to the Seattle Times. That's 1/3 of one percent of their livestock. As of today, 18 wolves have been killed out of a total population of about 110, or 16%. I'll say that again so that it sinks in. 16% of the total population of an endangered species in WA state have been killed beca

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