U.S. Defense Dept.'s Organizational Chart for Cyber Operations

In light of today's Wired.com article about how Creech AFB failed to report its virus attack to the 24th Air Force, I thought it might be helpful to see exactly how DoD has structured its cyber operations. The above graphic is best viewed as a Prezi.

Organizations with responsibility in this case could have included USSTRATCOM which directs DOD's Global Information Grid's operations and defense, USCYBERCOM which is a dual-hatted command with the NSA who has direct responsibility for protecting the .MIL domains. And then there's the 24th Air Force which is responsible for the Air Force Enterprise Network GIG and three Wings which report to it.

24th Air Force
  • Plans and conducts cyberspace operations in support of combatant commands.
  • Maintains and defends the Air Force Enterprise Network GIG.
67th Network Warfare Wing
  • Organizes, trains, and equips cyberspace forces to conduct network defense, attack, and exploitation.
  • Executes air force network operations, training, tactics, and management for the 24th Air Force and combatant commands.
688th Information Operations Wing
  • Aims to deliver proven IO and engineering infrastructure capabilities integrated across air, space, and cyberspace domains.
689th Combat Communications Wing
  • Trains, deploys and delivers expeditionary and specialized communications, air traffic control, and landing systems for Humanitarian Relief Operations and dominant combat operations.
  • Conducts tactical operations in austere, deployed, and joint/coalition environments.
We prepared the above graphic along with a full explanation of DOD's Cyber Operations with the help of the U.S. Government Accountability Office for use in the 2nd edition of my book Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld (O'Reilly Media) when it's published later this year or early 2012.


    1. Some dated material here:

      JIOWC now belongs directly to Joint Staff J39...
      Joint Staff J6 does not exist any longer either.
      And the lack of any other Combatant Commands besides USSTRATCOM is incorrect...At least two of them are building Cyberspace Sub-unified commands or some internal joint component.

    2. Thanks! Great feedback. I'll try to get those corrections made ASAP.

    3. Hi Jeff,
      Do you have an updated chart you can send me? I am doing a paper on Government Cyber Security and am having difficulty locating a decent organizational chart.


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