Here are the Facts about Huawei and the Chinese Government

Yesterday Huawei was blocked by the U.S. Government from participating as an equipment supplier for the Public Safety 700-MHz Demonstration Network, which is a first responders communications network that's part of the Commerce Department. Huawei VP William Plummer wants to know why. According to Plummer:
“Huawei has repeatedly and factually demonstrated its corporate independence,” Plummer said. “No one has ever factually demonstrated otherwise and playing Huawei as a pawn in some geopolitical game of chess is doing nothing more than threatening U.S. jobs, investment, competition and innovation.”
Well, that's not really true. Here are the facts regarding Huawei's affiliation with the Chinese government and why the U.S. as well as other nation states should be cautious about acquiring Huawei equipment.

  1. The company's founder Ren Zhengfei was an engineer in the PLA prior to forming his company.
  2. The company's chairwoman Sun Yafang worked for the Ministry of State Security and while there helped arrange loans for Huawei before joining the company as an employee.
  3. The government of China is Huawei's biggest customer; specifically the State-owned telecommunications services. 
  4. Huawei equipment is used to intercept communications in China for state-mandated monitoring.
So to recap, Huawei is considered a national champion telecommunications firm in a nation that monitors all telecommunications networks and engages in cyber-espionage activities using, at least in part, Huawei equipment. The company's Chairwoman used to work for the MSS, China's foreign intelligence service and its founder started the company after serving in the PLA. Those are the facts, and they should be sufficient to justify denying Huawei access to the U.S. market as well as shame U.S. companies like Symantec who have partnered with them.

I'm happy to debate these facts with any representative from Huawei in any venue at any time. My contact information is at my company website.


  1. Ren Zhengfei was an engineer in the PLA, **WAS**.
    As are numerous military men in private enterprises in practically every country on the planet.

    Country's chairwomen used to work for the Govt,
    wow how unusual, surely this doesn't happen any place else but China.

    Govt. of a country has a company from that very country as its biggest supplier, wow again how unusual.

    Cisco & Siemens must be having a laugh since they seem to have been forgotten in their role in GFW.

    So get a bunch of engineers, get a bunch of routers/servers/network systems of Huawei, and demonstrate that there is bugging machinery in there, Case closed.

    That hasn't been done, hence its fear mongering.

  2. Nothing surprise, because this is China, the government (wants to) controls everything as it was not elected by the people.

    Unless USA admits China has market-led/non-GOV-control economy, the negotiation between Huawei and its American counterpart may further forward; yet, I don't think the day would come in the near future.

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  4. To
    1, Lucky Cisco & Siemens are NOT controlled by Chinese Gov, or their business would be doubtful;
    2, Then who should be blamed? GFW or commercial companies like Cisco & Siemens? -- So you sing high praise for GFW the big mind prison for Chinese people?

  5. Here is Huaweis Connection to Al Queada

    Rider I


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