Russian Military Unit VCH 6762 Breached By Ukraine Military Cyber Forces

One of thousands of captured documents, passports, credit card accounts 
obtained from the accounting department of VCH 6762 

Russian military unit VCH 6762 is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, based in the City of Zheleznovodsk, a part of Stavropol Krai in the North Caucasus region of Southern Russia. Over the years they've been deployed to suppress riots, combat terrorism, and generally participate in the territorial defense of Russia. 

According to the Federal Tax Service, Military Unit 6762 has seven licenses by the FSB related to the protection of state secrets and the production of explosives and hazardous chemicals for classes I, II, and III.

Today, members of Ukraine's elite Cyber Troops breached the accounting and document management system used by Unit 6762 and accessed personnel data including passports, military IDs, credit cards, and payment records. 

One of the hackers engaged in the breach had a message for the Russian soldiers.

"Military personnel of this unit were sent to Ukraine. All the money from their cards will go to the purchase of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

The malware used to conduct this operation was an 0-day created by the operators themselves. This is a formidable unit. They have a long list of Russian targets, and they're just getting started.