Russian Institute Solicits Foreign Companies But Masks Ties with Russia's Defense Ministry

My company recently published a report which discovered that aerospace companies with joint ventures in Russia and China are hacked 2.4 times more often than those companies who don't. However, hacking a network is small potatoes when compared with the amount of intellectual property that is transferred in other ways.

One of the more surprising discoveries that we made while researching that report had to do with a Russian institute that was set up primarily to engage foreign companies with various types of assistance: the Research Institute of Mathematic Modeling and Intelligent Control Systems. This institute is a part of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University's Institute of International Educational Programs. The website is in English and is not listed on SPSPU's Russian home page so it's entire focus is foreign-based. 

It conducts applied research in the following areas:
  • Distributed industrial controllers networks for decentralized control of distributed objects and technological processes
  • Intelligent multi-agent based control of android robots and cooperative behavior of robots network 
  • Numerical modeling of external and internal flows aimed at dragand noise reduction
  • Computation of vortical flows and wakes aimed at enhancement of safety in air and ground transportation 
  • Numerical analysis of stress/strain distributions in the real world industrial objects, in particular for those working in the extreme conditions
  • Numerical non-linear analysis of visco-elasticity, contact interaction, large deformations
  • Seismic analysis, simulation of crash-tests, modeling of nucleation and propagation of damage
  • Computation of cooling of electronic devices, heating and air-conditioning systems >> Development of graphic user interface to control virtual objects 
  • Polygonal and NURBS-modeling
A few of the U.S. companies who work with RIMMICS include Boeing and GE. Foreign companies include EADS, Airbus, SAP, LG electronics and Bombardier. I wonder how many of those companies know that RIMMICS also provides avionics services, among others, for the Russian Ministry of Defense because it's not disclosed anywhere on the website.

More information on RIMMICS and other surprises that we've uncovered when investigating foreign vendors who service key U.S. enterprises will be disclosed at our upcoming Suits and Spooks luncheon at the Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner on Sept 10, 2013. Seats are extremely limited so register today.