Saudi Aramco Under Attack Again

According to at least one knowledgable source, Saudi Aramco is currently dealing with another network attack which affected some of its business systems at 0800 AST but not its production or distribution facilities. At this time the company's websites at and are down and employees have been advised to unplug their workstations while U.S. and Saudi security teams attempt to conduct incident response.

There's been no announcement from the company nor has anyone yet claimed credit for the attack. A call to Saudi Aramco's public affairs department went to voicemail. If anyone has additional information to provide, please contact me via Twitter (@jeffreycarr) or email.

UPDATE (0751 PST 05SEP12): Saudi Aramco's official Twitter account denies that anything is wrong.
However more than one source has confirmed to me that Aramco never fully recovered from the first attack and that Aramco employees were asked this morning to disconnect their workstations from the network.

UPDATE (0858 PST 05SEP12): I've been told via Twitter that this morning's attack may have been a false alarm. At this time, Aramco's website isn't accessible from my location in the U.S. but a journalist in UAE can access it. Email correspondence also seems to be working.

UPDATE (0944 PST 05SEP12): Aramco's websites and field offices are all affected by an Internet outage at the company according to an email from Aramco's CEO, and they may be down for awhile.


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