Offensive Tactics That You Won't Hear About At HackerCons

Here's a first look at the partial agenda for Suits and Spooks Boston. We're still finalizing content for some of our speakers (i.e., "to be announced"). You'll quickly see the reason why it's closed to journalists and why no presentations will be shared or made public. And you'll also see why Suits and Spooks isn't just another security conference. No one covers what we do.

8:30am Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00am: David Bray: "The Need for a Science of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure"

9:30am: Rob DuBois "How would a red team plan and launch an assault against a typical power plant"

10:00am: Dale Peterson: "How adversaries could take out thousands of power plants around the world as well as large parts of the electric transmission system"

10:30am: Break

10:45am: John Sullivan: "How a large municipal water system can be disrupted and why there's no defense against it"

11:15am: Dan Kuehl: to be announced

11:45am: Lunch

12:45pm: Christopher Ahlberg "How to create a targeting package against a corporation or individual using social media"

1:15pm: Henry Shiembob "How multi-national corporations watch for outside threats but miss the more dangerous insider threat"

1:45pm: Dan Geer: to be announced

2:15pm: Larry Castro: "A Policy Review of Pending Cyber Security Legislation and What an Executive Order Might Cover"

2:45pm: Break

3:00pm: Christopher Burgess: "Creating havoc through the disruption of medical devices and electronically altering patient data"

3:30pm: Derek Gabbard: to be announced

4:00pm: Zach Tumin: to be announced

4:30pm: Closing Remarks

The final agenda will be announced on October 1st. A full list of speakers and their bios is at the Suits and Spooks Boston web page. Our early bird registration rate of $295 ($100 savings off the standard rate) ends in six days so reserve your space today.