Josh Corman at Suits and Spooks LA: Adapting to the Age of Anonymous

Joshua Corman
I'm very pleased to announce that one of the most respected names and original thinkers in the InfoSec world will be speaking at Suits and Spooks LA on June 29th - Joshua Corman, the Director for Security Intelligence at Akamai Technologies. His topic will be "The Rise of the Chaotic Actor: Adapting to the Age of Anonymous".

Abstract:  "One can't go a week these days without hearing or talking about what Anonymous just did - or what they're planning to do next. While some see these chaotic actors like Anon, LulzSec, and derivatives, as Chaotic Good like Robin Hood... other see these actors as Chaotic Evil like the Joker (see also ). Most of the veterans in the IT Security community have sustained a cognitive dissonance about them. At DEFCON 19, a few of us confronted the issue (and active participants). We found that much of the narrative in the press fails to understand their varied motives, permutations, and evolutions of these pockets of chaotic actors. We also saw the groups are experiencing some of the growing pains and complications we expected them to (and some we didn't) as this saga unfolds. Regardless of our understanding, Chaotic Actors are here to stay - and we must better understand the implications of these powerful factors. Every action has reaction, so we must be conscientious and deliberate about how we adapt to the age of Anonymous."

"Together we'll frame some of the timeline and facts behind this Renaissance of Hacktivitism. We'll get specific about some of the incidents, outcomes, victims and collateral damage left in the wake of those attacks. We'll build upon the insights, discussion, and debates from our DEFCON "Whoever Fights Monsters" panel (including our exchanges on "Building a Better Anonymous"). We'll outline the white paper the panelists crafted post-DEFCON. Last, we'll explore how organizations can intelligently adjust their threat models and risk postures in the face of this developing reality."

Besides Josh, our speakers include Rob DuBois (retired Navy SEAL), former CIA Chief Targeting Officer Nada Bakos, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jason Smolanoff, China intelligence analyst Matt Brazil, and more. The complete speaker list and agenda can be found here. The link to register is below. Be sure to click an arrow to see if any of the pricing options apply to you.