2012 Russian Federation Information Security Reference

This book is an updated version of the 2011 Russian Federation Information Security Reference. It consists of original research conducted by Taia Global’s intelligence analysts who’ve recently retired from the U.S. intelligence community. The information was acquired through open sources on the Russian Internet (Runet) over a period of 8 months. Analysis was conducted by Taia Global’s veteran intelligence analysts who’ve recently retired from the U.S. intelligence community. This book is the culmination of many hundreds of hours of work. It contains findings that will be of use to corporate executives and their boards, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the military. It is unique in the marketplace and has been priced accordingly.
This book contains indepth reports on the following key agencies and one private company:
  • The Russia Federal Security Service (FSB) Center for Electronic Surveillance of Communications (TSRRSS) is responsible for the interception, decryption, and processing of electronic communications.  The Center—also known as the 16th Center (Directorate) FSB and Military Unit (Vch) 71330—is directly subordinate to the FSB Director.
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprises(FGUP) supervised by the Federal Security Service (FSB).  The list included the Orion Research and Development Center located in Moscow. Orion provides a range of information technology services including research, development, testing, consulting and certification of software and hardware.
  • FGUP STC Atlas is responsible for developing and certifying information technology (IT) security and cryptographic systems for the Russian government.
  • FGUP Center-Inform is the leading Russian state owned systems integration company for information technology (IT) and information security.
  • The Russian firm OOO Speech Technology Company (STC) provides surveillance and monitoring equipment.
  • Kaspersky Labs is licensed to provide classified work for the FSB and Defense Ministry.

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