LulzSec Snitch Claims To Be TeaMp0isoN Member. Oops.

Mike Major Jr of Halethorpe, MD claims to be a greyhat hacker who "does whatever feels right at the time". Major and his friend m_nerva leaked LulzSec chatroom logs which have helped authorities identify some of LulzSec's key members. Major (aka hann) told his story to Bruce Goldfarb and according to the article claimed to be part of Team Poison (TeaMp0ison); a hacker crew who attacked LulzSec for being nothing more than script kiddies. Major's comments in the article didn't ring true to me, particularly after I had read a June 25th article in  The Independent which featured an interview with a disguised member of the TeaMp0isoN hacker crew named TriCk.

TriCk is a practicing Muslim who "don't (sic) fear MI5, the FBI, or the CIA." "I class them as thugs and criminals", said TriCk. "I only fear God." TriCk said that TeaMp0isoN had a total of 3 members who only knew each other online for the past 5 years. Last December, according to TriCk they dumped the web servers of the English Defence League and published its membership list and defaced the website of Indian politician Rahul Gandhi.

A search of the archives returns 1,418 notifications so this is an active team. One recent defacement was of with credit taken by TriCk and In^SaNe, and "greetz" to Hex00010, d0ped, ZHC, Steem, MLT, BxR, and BlackHaker. Another defacement by TeaMp0isoN in June 2010 against Poland's Department of Defense website lists 3 TeaMp0isoN members: TriCk aka Saywhat?, Luit, and Hex00010 with "greetz" to ZHC, Spider, TaZii, Code5, f0rsaken, Muneeb, PAKBugs, null, d0ped, and RoCkBomB. In other words, there are three members to this crew and none of them are "hann" or his friend "m_nerva".

LulzSec called out m_nerva and hann back on June 22 as snitches and posted their personal information at Pastebin. m_nerva apparently just had a visit from the FBI. Now that Mike Major Jr has falsely claimed credit for being a part of TeaMp0isoN, he's not only a rat but a poser; two qualities that serious hackers just love.