SEALs, Spies, Security, and Celebrity: The Suits and Spooks Anti-Conference comes to Los Angeles

George Clooney’s Satellite Sentinel Project documenting the atrocities in Sudan has broken new ground in the use of “soft power” to drive change. Jonathan Hutson from the Enough Project will explain how Clooney and John Prendergast are doing it. Rob DuBois, a retired Navy SEAL, will discuss how and why he advises governments to use “smart power” before hard power. Matt Brazil, a former U.S. embassy commercial officer in Beijing, will show executives how to survive in China without losing all of their secrets. Jim Hake will discuss how NGOs and the U.S. military can work together in the worst problem spots on earth (Afghanistan, Central Asia, Africa).

All of these speakers and more will converge on June 29th in Los Angeles for a private day of frank discussions and problem solving at Taia Global’s third Suits and Spooks Anti-conference, co-sponsored by the Pacific Council on International Policy. The purpose of Suits and Spooks is to bring together individuals from the U.S. intelligence community with innovative thinkers from a wide variety of disciplines to address hard challenges in the national security space.

Attendance is open to the general public but is limited to no more than 120 people. Information and registration is available at Early bird registration ends on May 29, 2012 or once we sell out.


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