A History of Google's Government Sales

After reading Noah Shachtman's article at Danger Room "Google Adds (Even More) Links to the Pentagon", I was curious about the scope of Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) government sales so I used the FFATA Search Portal and plugged Google's name into the search field. The results were surprising. The largest number of sales by far is with the Department of Defense (264); which is about two and a half times more than NASA who's in 2nd place with 104 sales. Here's the Top Ten search results:
  • Defense, Dept of (264)
  • NASA (104)
  • Justice, Dept of (75)
  • State, Dept of (68)
  • Treasury, Dept of the (44)
  • Health and Human Services, Dept of (43)
  • Interior, Dept of (42)
  • Agriculture, Dept of (41)
  • Commerce, Dept of (40)
  • Transportation, Dept of (37)
Sales within the Department of Defense are to:
  • Army (130)
  • Air Force (50)
  • Navy (44)
  • Defense Information Systems Agency (10)
  • Defense Logistics Agency (8)
  • U.S. Special Operations Command (6)
  • Defense Contract Management Agency (5)
  • Uniformed Services: University of the Health Sciences (3)
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (3)
  • Defense Media Center (2)
Sales with the Department of Justice are to:
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (45)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (8)
  • Offices, Boards, and Divisions (7)
  • Office of Justice Programs (6)
  • Federal Prison System (6)
  • U.S. Marshalls Service (2)
  • ATF Acquisition and Property Management Div (1)
To be fair, every technology company sells to the government and compared to Microsoft and Apple the above numbers are pretty low, but since Google is more intimately connected with our search habits and email content (for advertising) than anyone else, these statistics still make me a little uncomfortable.

The Google-Clinton-China Martini with a Cyber War Twist


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