How To Determine Your Company's Cyber Risk Profile

Two months ago, I approached the BENS organization with an idea for a exclusive seminar for senior level executives which would provide them with some tools to help them manage their cyber security costs. I've written before about the brewing anger in the C-suite that I've encountered when discussing the high cost and lack of effectiveness of many information security products with Fortune 500 executives. Thanks to the support of the BENS organization, the seminar that I envisioned two months ago will become a reality next Monday, the 25th. This is primarily being offered to BENS members however I'm able to to extend an invitation to interested C-level or senior executives until we reach capacity. Contact me directly if you'd like more information.

Keynote: The Honorable Michael Chertoff

Panel 1: "Evaluating Your Company's Cyber Risk"
Moderator: Jody Westby (CEO, Global Cyber Risk)
Panelists: Richard Marshall (Director, Global Security Management, DHS); Anyck Turgeon (CEO, CISO, CoreClean Group)

Panel 2: "Measuring Your Cyber Return-On-Investment"
Moderator: Jeffrey Carr (CEO, Taia Global, Inc.)
Panelists: Dan Geer (CISO, In-Q-Tel), Steve Boutelle (VP, Business Development, Global Government Solutions; CEO, Cisco IRIS Government)


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