Russia's Chief Missile Officer Sergei Gennadievich Buev's Mobile Phone Hacked by Ukraine Cyber Force

 Ukraine's Cyber Force has gained access to the mobile phone of Sergei Gennadievich Buev, the Chief Missile Officer for Russia's Ministry of Defense. 

That background image on Buev's mobile phone is that of a Soyuz rocket that he photographed at the new Vostochny Cosmodrome during his visit on April 3, 2017.

Vostochny has been plagued with problems since its construction began in 2011. 

On April 3, 2016, exactly one year prior to Buev's visit, workers went on a hunger strike because they hadn't been paid. In the following month, a criminal case was launched against Yuri Khrizman, the former head of the Far Eastern branch of Russia's Federal Agency for Special Construction. He and a number of others were found guilty of Abuse of Power during construction of Vostochny Space Port with damages set at 5.2 billion Rubles according to TASS. The verdict was rendered in February of 2018. Documents found on Buev's phone showed that he was there, in part, to see if things had improved.

Other documents on Buev's phone dated just before his trip show that he was also there to check on the work done on a multi-functional space relay system called Luch-Abonent

The Space Port's second launch was scheduled for Nov 28, 2017, seven months after Buev's visit. A Soyuz rocket would carry a $45 million dollar weather satellite. Unfortunately, mission control couldn't communicate with the satellite after launch and there were fears that it had crashed into the Atlantic ocean.