A Ukraine Anti-Corruption Policeman's Appeal For Justice

"I don’t really know, if I have any possibility to appeal to Nation again, if I will be alive, I don’t know, but I beg you to take a chance to change the situation in the country." - Lt. Col. Eogor Bodrov, Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs
Three days ago I wrote a blog post about a hacker who was trying to get his friend and former colleague, Lt. Col. Iegor Bodrov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, released from prison after being put there by a corrupt Prosecutor and his deputies. This case has had no coverage in Ukraine itself so I'm asking that you share this message from Lt. Col. Bodrov via your own social networks and hopefully a journalist will pick it up.

Below is an English transcript of Bodrov's message to the people of Ukraine delivered via a video posting on YouTube.


WHERE IS the position of TRUTH in UKRAINE
( At the very beginning -- on the black background )

In the continuation of my story that I have cited before regarding persecution of me and my family from the side of the high rank top officials of the General Prosecutors Office of Ukraine, I would like to declare that one of the scenarios that I had predicted earlier took place. At the moment I am captured under arrest without a warrant after illegal detention and putting me to the cell due to the unjust decision of the judge of Pechersk district court that caused the violation of clauses of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.

They did not consider all the statements of the Article 208 and p. 5 Article 206 of Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine while adjudging on my detention. My rights have been offended starting from the date of my illegal detention till today, as I haven’t been duly notified for 2 days o what was the reason of my detention that is also supported by the Attorney acknowledgement. I was not instructed with related documents that were the ground for initiating of criminal proceedings regarding me personally and criminal offence I committed. I was instructed only on the certain articles.

While taking me to the court to adjudge the measure of restraint I was divested the right to be instructed on the materials that were the ground to assign the measure of restraint. Nevertheless, the court didn’t consider the substantial proof of absence of my guilt. No investigation was taken to examine whether I took rise against the “system” that contains Yarema, Danylenko, Gerasimyuk.

Once I found myself that I am really glad that I land up with capture cell as not only I committed so called “unsubstantiated” crimes, beside me are the persons in relations of which the facts of commitment of crimes are also considered as unjustified. It may be treated that we get used to live and operate in the “FAMILY” environment, the word that became a disgraceful mark of the former fled State authorities.

My appeal to the President of Ukraine, though may be there is no sense to appeal to the President, there is an intent to appeal to the nation of Ukraine. I don’t really know, if I have any possibility to appeal to Nation again, if I will be alive, I don’t know, but I beg you to take a chance to change the situation in the country. I hope that this video appeal as the continuation of materials that I have uploaded earlier, as for documents that I had gathered that verify the fact of committing offense crimes by Yarema Vitaliy Grygorovych in accomplice with his Deputy – Gerasimyuk Mykola Volodymyrovych, Ilyin Gennadiy the Head of anticorruption commission of the Kyiv city council. The following surname is also can be heard as Kadomskiy, that has written a complaint against me, and the committing crimes by Kupranets – the Head of anticorruption bureau of the Head Department for combating the organized crime of Ministry of Internal affairs of Ukraine, and many more others that are gathered in my archive. All the related persons that committed crime offences and were documented by me are considered a high rank top officials. I don’t even know where to represent this documents.

Only after that incident that happened with my family, when a combat grenade with the ball-cartridges were planted to the car of my mother and that my wife often drives, I have understood that their intentions are quite serious and severe.

As for today I also realize that while staying here I have no intention to commit a suicide, I am feeling absolutely good in my cell # 148 where I am hoping to stay further, I am in good humour, safe and sound.

4:00 (time) By the way, I would like to specify that all the scope of above information concerning the mentioned criminal activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, his accomplice Deputy and other high rate top officials was handed over to Kolomoyskiy Igor Valeryevich, that according to the available operation information himself has disclosed the information to the latter, after that they started to boost their pressure on me and my family. I hope that this my application, maybe my current situation will affect the opinions of people, maybe there will be the next MAIDAN and than coming the Lustration. All of them should understand, that they have their own children, families and God can see everything from above. If the Truth is in our hands so I am convinced that we will uphold the justice and we will meet freeside.

4:50 (time) I would also like to denote that all procedural actions that I am undergoing are led with of human rights, that the specialists lawyers from outside, if they are not corrupted like some top officials mentioned above from General Prosecution Office, State Security Service that were repeatedly notified by me about the offences committed on me, and will demonstrate their response at last. I would say, it is going to be a vivid picture for the continuation of the situation that I provided. I want to add that I was all ready for such outcome, but it is not so easy to get ready to the situation and the life taught me many times, so maybe this country in which I have been staying for so many years, though while staying in the boarding school some people wanted to adopt me.

5:40 (time) The people of Ukraine, I don’t hope for the protection of organization, company agency of any kind, I don’t even know whom to address. I am just having a hope in God, in my family that is constantly supporting me, and I still hope that someone will gain good conscience to rise a matter on commitment of offence one from the side of General Prosecutors Office, State Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Everything that is going on at the moment is assigned and directed by the top officials of General Prosecutors Office. There is absolutely no place for me to call in aid.

6:09 (time) The materials that were archived contain the e-mail correspondence cracked in assistance of my comrades in France, where I visited them in October together with my wife, includes the e-mail messaging between Mr. Vitaliy Yarema and his son, that I hope you will see later I suppose, Yarema’s son asks his farther to resolve the matter of cancellation of criminal proceeding for several mln. UAH fraud. The archive also contains the excerpt from the Unified Registrar of prejudicial inquiries that specifies that on September 08, 2014 Mr. Yarema’s son Valeriy refers to his father (Vitaliy) , then on September 10, 2014 passes the case to his subordinated person and so at last on September 11, 2014 the criminal proceeding was cancelled.

7:08 (time) Maybe Lord has led to what I am talking about now as I have been keeping all that facts by myself for two months and didn’t know where to appeal. I referred to Mr. Kolomoyskiy and maybe therefore I found myself here where I am now. Or maybe not. Probably it was predesignated that someone has to highlight the situation. I suppose that my these words would reach somebody’s ears.

7:32 (time) The materials that were to numerous holders of the sources of this information specify many other facts, such as

Our ‘greatly esteemed’ Mr. Gerasimyuk Mykola Volodymyrovych -- 1-st Deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine was engaged in connections with the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, whereat I have been notifying for several times the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine via my coordinators. Next, the latter has recently visited France, Paris. Maybe because he adored that place, he has procured for the funds that he, maybe , raised (cropped) from the mentioned ‘Pusha Voditsa transaction’ (deal) that was mentioned in my complaints, he procured a luxury apartment for the amount of EUR 1,6 mln.

The next…

8:21 (time) the respectful Mr. Danylenko in this email messaging just describes the situation, when he in the period of 2009 -2013 yy together with his associates by means in certain pay-off (bribe of USD 300 K) way of the local regional administration have appropriated by assistance of the Deputy if the Supreme Specialized Court of Ukraine the amount of 140 hectare of land plot in well-known Soltanivka. Kadomskiy directly took part in all that, he held the email correspondence with Mr. Gerasimyuk, and also with (name of person missing ). The latter is the authorized person who proposed me to enter into criminal conspiracy in illegal allotment of lands also for my own appropriation. The phone conversations were duly recorded and also archived by me. The latter has proposed me a bribe in the amount of USD 500 K, than USD 100k with a for ‘further cooperation’ with a latter. Though Kadomskiy for a long period of time recovered bribes from the executives of such agroholdings as ‘Myronivsky Khliboprodukt’ (MHP) and ‘Techno Group’ for the illegal allocation of lands for their own purposes. You will all see that in my further records together with graphs for what lands and projects. However, the allocation of lands was conducted under strict coordination of the above mentioned top officials of the General Prosecution Office.

10:20 (time) Also I don’t have have to miss Mr. Ilyin Gennadiy Volodymyrovych that in my opinion can be considered as business associate of the mentioned Mr Danylenko. It is a person due to which the latter got the unlawful authorization to construct a business-center at the address – Lvivska sq., 8, instead of reconstruction of fountain area. According to the data extracted from his email messaging, he held e-conversations with the Stets – the former head of Derjkomlisu (State Forestry committee), that is seated in Moscow at the moment. He refers to Ilyin with the request:

-Gena, lets us decide all questionable matters on Arbuzik (i.e. Arbuzov S.G. ), jn Azirik (i.e. Azarov M.Y.) and on all others via me. First time we will raise at least USD 10 mln. And then will keep on in geometric progression.

11:23 (time) Maybe I am wrong when I am speaking on such matters and it may result in damaging consequence for me and my family, but anyway we will see each other again, maybe not here but there… I suppose I am doing an adequate choice and all my life I’ve doing right actions, nothing else except investigating criminal offence.

11:46 (time) So, Mr. Ilyin in his e-mails has exchanged with secret documents with abovementioned Mr. Kadomskiy, Mr. Kupranets, that illustrate the fraudulent schemes of real estate plundering, schemes of investigations and orders to investigate in the participation of the respectful Deputy of Kyiv City Council -- Granovskiy, thus usually referred to decide on disputable matter, such as long lasting (pending) SKY MALL Shopping mall case. So, Ilyin acts as a conduit, that canalizes flows of funds from the orders of various businessmen and also from Toronto source, to resolve all intricated and disputable matters with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine or by mediation of his Deputies. Ilyin himself was also proposed in schemes to resolve disputable matters by a number of businessmen, the mailboxes of which were cracked down by my French comrades. I can agree that it might have been done legal manner to mine the information from mailboxes, data carriers etc, though, first it was done by my operational contacts that are located in France, second – WHOM ever I have to apply to be authorized (sanctioned) to obtain information regarding the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, his Deputies, and other persons. Therefore, I came to visit them and they shared the related information and handed over to me.

13:14 (time) Herewith I would like to specify, that during the current year, owing to my personal contacts in France, Germany and USA, I was engaged in retrieving of information of following nature: from communication channels, mailboxes with the further transferring it directly to the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Owing to that information retrieved by my comrades from the sources, there were many a separatist and other interferers were detained. I would also want to denote, that I rendered this information to my comrades that are at war on East, that a place battle field should be here. Many people told me, that maybe the war here is much more dangerous that one on the East. My answer was NO, I live here and I am aware of what may happen to me. And there one may don’t know as it may haptayin pen anytime.

Here I have a HOPE and there they are only thrown upon the CHANCE. Though maybe after all afore cited I will have a chance too.

14:40 (time) I hope that maybe someone will have enough of conscience to digest this information or the MAIDAN would gather, though the Verkhovna Rada doesn’t empowers us to appeal to anywhere.

14:58 (time) As I was said than it was only a correspondence via mailboxes, WhatsUp, Skype, Viber that displays all that information. Here there is material confirmation of their phone communications, these are the facts to substantiate (support) the email communication between them. I am absolutely warrant, who is concerned to the combinations about me in press. These are Mr. Kupranets and Mr. Ilyin, that were communicating with each other by emails. I hope finally you would be able to contemplate all that what was said. I don’t know how it will finalize as for two months I was in rather latched position, it was not easy to bear it. Probably the Lord put me here to expose all that, otherwise it would pass by.

16:00 (time) And now sitting here before you I have the opportunity to be present at press conference (video conference). To talk (explain) why I am staying here.

16:14 (time) Once again I would like to stress that I really didn’t know whom to apply with all that collected facts. In summer I was afraid to share it in Internet, because it could adversely effect the image of our country. That is , effective state power (authority) that gained sensible change for the better turned to be the same – corrupted. The only change that took place in or country is that we changed a cover, and the inner state left unconverted. The unquestioning fulfillment of unlawful commands by investigators and operational staff, the deafness of judges that knowingly issue unlawful condemnations thus violating the regulations of criminal and procedural law.

17:06 (time) As for today I consider, that the proceeding actions of the Judge (name of judge is missing) envisage the constituent element of offence by the Article 375, part 2 -- The issuance of knowingly unjust court ruling that caused grave consequence or made on purpose.

17:28 (time) And once again I am calling on the President, People of Ukraine, Verhovna Rada, would you like to comprehend and to protect a man, or I am just a usual man and I don’t need to be protected??!! Than you may PR yourself or contend for the positions (appointments), Maybe you will purge the State power from the corrupted top officials of the General Prosecution Office of Ukraine!!!

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