Carmen Medina to teach Workshop on Analytic Methods and Critical Thinking at Suits and Spooks DC 2014

As the rush to the Cloud and the aggregation of data in amounts here-to-for unheard of accelerates, the one area that continues to suffer from lack of attention is the use of analytic methods designed to off-set cognitive bias; in other words the rare skill of critical thinking.

This is particularly true among information security companies but it applies across all industry vectors. I've recognized and railed against this problem for years, but now with Suits and Spooks entree into offering workshops, I'm able to offer a solution in the person of Carmen Medina.

Carmen is a CIA veteran of almost 32 years. She was the Director of the Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI) from January 2007-December 2009. As the CSI Director, she developed and managed CIA’s first Agency-wide Lessons Learned Program. Her record as a visionary analytic thinker and a dedicated, caring leader made her widely recognized--inside CIA and beyond--as an articulate, passionate voice for excellence in intelligence.

From 2005 through 2007, she was the Deputy Director for Intelligence, a member of the executive team that led the CIA’s analytic directorate. In her CIA career, Carmen held positions of increasing responsibility to include Chief of the Strategic Assessments Group in the Office of Transnational Issues, Directorate of Intelligence. She has led analysts working on Southern Africa and Central America, and helped to design the Global Coverage Program and innovate new production methods to support policymakers. In the early 1990s, she served overseas in Western Europe.

By attending Carmen's four hour workshop on Analytic Methodology and Critical Thinking, your analysts will learn:

  1. Different analytic techniques to help organize data.

  2. The value chain of analytic insight.

  3. Question templates to use when evaluating information.

  4. Rules and techniques for using data and information.

  5. Techniques to assist in more rigorous what if and future thinking.

The early bird rate for this workshop is only $495 and attendees must also register for Suits and Spooks DC. Complete information is available here. Register early to save money and to secure your seat.