Kaspersky Labs Researcher to Present Operation Red October at Suits and Spooks DC

I'm very pleased to announce that Kaspersky Labs researcher Roel Schouwenberg, a senior malware researcher with Kaspersky Lab's Global Research & Analysis Team, will be presenting at Suits and Spooks DC on February 8-9, 2013. His presentation will cover:

  • Earliest variants of the malware (2007)
  • Victim profiles
  • C&C domains and servers
  • Mobile malware components: known and unknown
  • An overview of +1000 malware plugins discovered during the research
  • Possible links with other campaigns
I've suggested in the past that Red October may have been run by a NATO member country, which makes it an ideal topic for the Suits and Spooks conference. I'm particularly happy that with the inclusion of Kaspersky Labs to our other international speakers, that Suits and Spooks is rapidly acquiring a global reputation as a unique, security event that's not to be missed. We are rapidly approaching standing-room only capacity so register today.