Interest In Suits And Spooks 2011 From ... Energy Companies?

Our new poster by Adam Howard
One of the biggest surprises that I've received since announcing the Suits and Spooks 2011 anti-conference is that our attendees will include folks from the energy sector - both government and private. We've also picked up a few former Special Operations Forces operators who will help our attendees formulate a more cohesive attack and defense plan in our day-long red team exercise.

These additions from the energy sector and the SpecOps community in concert with our speakers, panelists, and attendees from the Intelligence Community, social network analysis startups, and some of the largest social networks in the world will certainly provide the basis for some breakthrough attack and defense scenarios leveraging the social web as the attack platform.

We are still accepting applications from prospective attendees as well as social media startups who want to participate. The early bird registration rate of $300 will end on August 15th, one week from today, so please contact me as soon as possible before we hit our attendance maximum of 100 participants.