7 Reasons Not To Miss Suits and Spooks DC This Year

#7: The Rise of Global Terrorism

Engage in a discussion about the evolution and expansion of terrorism by the Islamic State with CIA and DOD experts Mark Kelton and Dave Kilcullen.

#6:  Are Commercial Airlines Safe From Hacking

Should you be worried about hackers interfering with the control systems of commercial aircraft? What safety measures are in place to keep that from happening? Jim Vasatka, the Director of Aviation Security at Boeing will answer your questions in a special CLOSED TO THE PRESS briefing.

#5: Is The Cyber Security Industry Over-Valued

Should you invest in the cyber security industry or is the industry vastly over-valued? Niloo Howe, Elad Yoran, and other VCs will share their thoughts.

#4: How Do Adversaries Track U.S. Executives Overseas

Are you an executive who frequently travels overseas? Learn how foreign agents can target you through your mobile device's electronic signature and other means. A retired Navy SOF Chief will walk you through it.

#3: How Can Your Company Do Business In High Risk Countries Without Losing Its IP

If you work for a multinational corporation, learn how your company can do business in high risk nations and not lose your intellectual property to foreign governments or criminal hackers. Panelists: Jody Westby, Joel Brenner, and Jeffrey Carr

#2: How Are Criminals Using Digital Currencies

Hear Will Gragido explain what digital currencies are, how criminals are using them, and whether you should be concerned.

#1: What Legal Regimes Control Cyber Warfare, And How Are They Changing

Listen to NATO, DOD, and legal scholars (Eneken Tikk-Ringas, Gary Brown, and Catherine Lotrionte) debate the legal ramifications of digital attacks against civilian infrastructure and how that may change the way that warfare is conducted.

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