Have Lunch on K Street with Execs from Microsoft, BAE, Cognizant, Huawei USA, and the IC - Updated 7/14/14

UPDATE (July 14, 2014): We have room for six more cyber security startups to join our lunch however registrations will close by end-of-day July 15, 2015.

If you're a cyber security startup, chances are good that you may have a product or service of interest to the U.S. government but do you know the complexities that come with that? If you attend our Security Startup Lunch in DC on July 22, you can ask Hendrik van der Mueler, Barbara Hunt, and Lewis Shepherd for their advice.

If you'd like to be a vendor for one or more prime defense contractors, you can chat with JC Dodson, BAE Systems Global CISO about your product or service and receive his recommendations on how to go about it.

On July 22, at PJ Clarke's in Washington, DC, our Suits and Spooks Security Startup Speed Lunch will help startups find customers, VCs find startups, and give executives a chance to hear about cutting edge technologies person-to-person - over lunch.

You won't be pitching a room full of people. You'll be meeting 1:1 in six minute rounds with decision-makers from multinational companies and other organizations, and you'll enjoy a delicious lunch in the Sidecar at PJ Clarke's.

Here's who you'll be meeting with:
  • Lewis Shepherd, Director and GM, Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments (MSI). Lewis joined Microsoft in December 2007 from the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he accepted a position as Chief of Requirements & Research (or R2).
  • Barbara Hunt, President and CTO, CuttingEdge CA. Ms. Hunt is a retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Executive Technical Expert and program manager with over 20 years of experience in the fields of cyber, information, and telecommunications technology and operations. She also served as Director of Capabilities, Tailored Access Operations Group at NSA.
  • Henry Shiembob is VP and Chief Security Officer at Cognizant Technology Solutions, and was formerly the Deputy Chief Security Officer and Executive Director of Cyber Security and Fraud Operations at Verizon.
  • Jeffrey C Dodson, VP Cybersecurity, Global CISO, BAE Systems
  • Andy Purdy, CSO, Huawei USA. Andy formerly served as the 'Cyber Czar' of the United States from 2004 to 2006, in his role heading the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division and US-CERT.
  • Hendrik van der Meuler - Retired senior CIA officer in three foreign countries and CIA Operations Officer during six tours of duty in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, 1981-2000. Since retiring from the CIA in October 2010, he has worked for the Monitor Group and MonitorQuest, with an emphasis on Social Media issues.
  • Edward V. Marshall, Vice President - Private Banking North America, Credit Suisse; formerly with the U.S. Department of State.
  • LaToya Staten: Cyber Collaboration Manager, MD Dept.of Econ Dev., Cyber Development at Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development
You can attend if you meet one of these three categories:
  1. You are employed at the Director level or higher with a medium-sized or larger corporation.
  2. You're employed with a cyber security start-up that is no more than 5 years old and has not yet raised more than a Series A funding round.
  3. You're employed by a Venture Capital firm or an investment bank.
It wasn't easy getting these outstanding executives together for three hours to meet with a group of startups and I doubt that I'll be able to get them all together a second time so don't miss this opportunity. The registration fee is $199 if paid before July 1st and seats are limited!

Visit the Suits and Spooks website for more information or call (855) 777-8242 ext. 3 with any questions.