6 Minutes That Can Change Your Security Start-up's Life

On May 19th the Suits and Spooks Security Start-up Speed Lunch will give each founder of up to 20 cyber security start-ups an opportunity to spend 6 minutes with Dan Geer, the CISO of In-Q-Tel, 6 minutes with Christopher Michael, the Cybersecurity Deputy and Director of Security Engineering for BAE Systems, 6 minutes with Edward V. Marshall, a Vice President of Credit Suisse, 6 minutes with Phil Rosenberg, a Director of Deloitte Financial Services, and at least two VCs. And that's just as of today. 

We only have room for 10 more Security Start-ups and I expect to close our New York event by this Friday. We still can accept VCs and corporate executives, and we have limited opportunities for sponsors.

The good news is that we are looking at holding similar events in San Francisco, San Antonio, and Washington DC this year so if you can't get in for New York, you'll have other opportunities in the coming months. 

If you're wondering if this format works or not, I can tell you from personal experience that it did for my start-up (Taia Global). I'm simply modeling and expanding the process that I used for myself in the Fall of 2013 (a private luncheon about Aerospace and Information Security R&D). I can't promise the same results obviously, but I firmly believe that if you have a product worth pitching, every one of these executives will be eager to hear about it.

Here's how to apply for our New York event.

Contact me if you want to be informed about our San Francisco, San Antonio, and Washington DC events (please specify which one).