Resolved, that Privacy is a benefit of and dependent upon a strong National Security Apparatus. For or Against?

Join The Debate: Feb 27th
The Suits and Spooks Security Town Hall on Feb 27th is shaping up to become an amazing event thanks to so many exceptional people who have agreed to be panelists. The debate will be moderated by Ted Schlein, who will also present closing remarks and Ajay Royan will open the evening with his unique take on the subject matter.

Complete information along with speaker bios is available at the all-new Suits and Spooks website. We're already 50% sold out so act soon if you want to be a part of this exciting evening. All of the ticket sales will go to one of four charitable foundations so I'm still looking for companies who'd like to join Taia Global, Silent Circle, and Mithril as sponsors.

Register with this link or call toll-free 855-777-8242

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