If You Missed Suits and Spooks NY, Here It Is On Video

O'Reilly Media, the publisher of my book Inside Cyber Warfare, has produced a video compilation of our Suits and Spooks event. I'm proud to say that this is the first non-O'Reilly conference that they have produced for sale and it looks great. It doesn't include every speaker because some of the talks were under Chatham House rules, but here are the speakers that are included:
  • The Top 50 Non-state Hacker Groups in the World - Christopher Ahlberg (CEO of RecordedFuture)
  • Out of the Mountains: A Future of Feral Cities, Urban Systems Under Stress, and Increasing Overlaps Between the Real and Virtual Worlds - David Kilcullen (CEO of Caerus Associates)
  • Emerging Bad Actors in the Virtual and Physical Worlds (Jeffrey Carr, Moderator with Dr. David Kilcullen, Jonathan Hutson, Thomas Dzieran, Aaron Weisburd, Peter Mattis, and John Scott-Railton)
  • How to Survive a Surveillance-friendly Environment - Mike Janke (Co-founder, CEO of Silent Circle)
  • Should Defensive Strategies be Specific to the Threat Actor or Generalized for all Threat Actors? (Jeffrey Carr, Moderator with Pierre-Marc Bureau (ESET), Derek Manky (Fortinet), Roel Schouwenberg (Kaspersky), Chris Coleman (LookingGlass), Brian Carrier (Basis Technology))
  • Real-time Depiction of the Global Cyber Threat Landscape - Chris Coleman
  • Icefog: Mercenary Hackers Who Focus on Supply Chain Attacks in Asia - Roel Schouwenberg
  • Joseph Kony, the LRA and Elephant Poaching in Africa - Jonathan Hutson
The complete series is only $149. Here's where to order. We're going to be offering this again for Suits and Spooks DC so please let me know what you think.