U.S. superiority in network-centric warfighting may be in jeopardy. Join the discussion.

Network-centric Warfare has become the de facto standard for many nations, not just the U.S. Unfortunately, thanks to the exponential growth of global networks and the accompanying security vulnerabilities which seem to be infinite in number, the balance of power is no longer what it used to be and the U.S. cannot be assured of superiority in cyberspace.

Therefore, I think it's time that we had an indepth discussion on exactly how the InfoSec community can play a part in improving U.S. capabilities in Network-centric warfighting and/or U.S. covert actions rather than leaving such discussions solely to the classified world or one dominated by the Defense Industrial Base companies. As a result, I've invited 24 distinguished authorities from the DOD and the infosec world to come to San Diego and spend two days engaging in a discussion that will include the following topics, among others:
  • "Operational Anonymity & Misattribution: Why you need it, how they track you, how to do it, how it fails, and best practices" - Lance Cottrell
  • "Developing Offensive Cyber Tools, Techniques, and Procedures for Defending Corporate and Government Networks" - George Kurtz, Greg Hoglund, Jim Butterworth
  • "Is there a place on Special Operations teams for Cyber or Information Warfare specialists?" - Thomas Dzieran, Rob DuBois, Jim Butterworth
  • "Vulnerability Disclosure and ‘Cyberwar’: The Cost of Offensive Cyber Weapons" - Ryan Ellis
  • Q&A with Kenneth Geers, Ph.D., Technical expert for the Tallinn Manual on the International Law applicable to Cyber Warfare
  • "The Georgian Government’s cyber operation against internal political opponents" - Paul Joyal
  • "The importance of international collaboration in identifying and interdicting non-state hacker groups" - Sanjay Virmani, Kenneth Geers, Michael Jaeger, Christopher Burgess
  • "Projecting Geopolitically Relevant Cyber Hot-Spots" - Ali-Reza Anghaie
  • "Threat Intelligence for the Enterprise on a Shoe-string Budget" - Shane MacDougall
  • "Can big data and small incident response teams scale down to small and medium-sized businesses?" Steven Cobb
  • "Advanced Technologies for Detecting the Insider Threat" - John Sipple
  • "The State of National Cyber Intelligence" - Troy Townsend and Jay McAllister
  • "All-Source Intelligence Shapes the Future of Security Operations Actions" - (to be announced)
I want to stress that while Suits and Spooks is a conference, it's not like any conference that you've attended before. We actually do have discussions because the speaker to attendee ratio is an unheard-of 1:4 or less. If you don't believe me, check out our testimonials page or ask anyone who's been to our past events.

Here's who you'll get to meet if you attend SNS La Jolla:
  • Ali-Reza Anghaie: contract Security Engineer and Senior Analyst with Wikistrat
  • David Burcham: President and CEO, VendorX
  • Christopher Burgess: Sr. Security Consultant with Fortune 50 experience; retired national intelligence executive CIA
  • Stephen Cobb: Security evangelist, ESET North America
  • Chris Coleman: Vice President, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions
  • Lance Cottrell: Founder / Chief Scientist of Anonymizer Inc., Chief Scientist of Ntrepid Corp.
  • Robert DuBois: retired U.S. Navy SEAL, an international authority on Smart Power and the author of "Powerful Peace: A Navy SEAL's lessons on peace from a lifetime at war"
  • Thomas Dzieran: retired U.S. Navy SEAL and software engineer
  • Kenneth Geers, Ph.D.: U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Cyber Subject Matter Expert
  • Will Gragido: Senior Manager, RSA FirstWatch Threat Research
  • Greg Hogland: Independent expert in offensive cyber strategies and tactics; former Vice President at Mantech and founder/CEO of HB Gary.
  • Michael J. Jaeger (CAPT, USN): An active duty officer with the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps
  • Paul Joyal: Managing Director, NSI; Public Safety and Homeland Security Sector
  • George Kurtz: Co-founder, President and CEO of Crowdstrike
  • Rafal Los: Principal, Strategic Security Services, HP ESS
  • Shane MacDougall: Co-founder Tactical Intelligence
  • Jay McAllister: Senior Analyst, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; formerly with NCIS
  • Jeffrey McNeill, Ph.D.: Cyberspace Policy Analyst, STRATCOM
  • John Pirc: Director, Security Intelligence, HP Security Research
  • Billy Rios: Technical Director at Cylance, Inc.
  • Andy Singer (USN RADM ret): Defense Intelligence Senior Leader; Deputy Director for Information Dominance Advocacy (OPNAV N2/N6)
  • John Sipple: USN LT, AFRICOM J2 0166, IDC Region Wash DC
  • Troy Townsend: Senior Analyst, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; formerly with DIA and CYBERCOM
  • Sanjay Virmani: Director, INTERPOL Digital Crime Centre; Supervisory Special Agent, FBI
Please help spread the word about this exciting and important event and join us in beautiful La Jolla on June 15-16. Register today.