China's Intelligence Apparatus: Implications for Foreign Firms

While I've been quite vocal about my views on both the wrongness and potential blowback of blaming China for every breach committed against U.S. companies and Western governments, it's important to understand the precise role that the Chinese intelligence services play in the interception of valuable IP through network attacks, industrial espionage, and other methods both within its borders and around the world.

To that end, I've asked Taia Global's newest China Security analyst Matt Brazil to write a white paper on this topic. Before joining Taia Global, Matt was a  former commercial officer at the U.S. embassy in Beijing. Matt has done a terrific job with this paper and I'm proud to offer it for general distribution to those companies who do business in China and want solid, hype-free data on the threat landscape. Questions or comments are welcome via email. Firms interested in Taia Global's services may contact us at 855-777-TAIA (8242).

Matt Brazil will be speaking at Suits and Spooks LA on the subject "Protecting IP By Cultivating Employee Loyalty in China". Space is limited and the early bird rate will expire on May 31.