Intelligence on Russian Information Warfare Activities

Threat Intelligence and Cyber Intelligence are phrases that are tossed around both frequently and casually these days. Threat intelligence as it's used by the information security community has to do with malware and malicious IPs. Cyber intelligence is used even more loosely and may cover everything from Threat Intelligence to discovering who the members of Anonymous are. My company Taia Global Inc. has been providing highly targeted open source intelligence reports on foreign corporations' government connections as well as the information warfare activities of individual nation states since 2009. Since most of our foreign government clients are interested in the IW activities of the Russian Federation, we focus a lot of attention there. Here is what we've produced in the last few months alone:
  • Center for Computer Emergency Response of the Russian Federation (RU-CERT)
  • Roskomnadzor and the Cyber Vigilantes
  • Russian Federal Security Service Center for Electronic Surveillance of Communications - Military Unit (Vch) 71330
  • Russian Federation Security Council and the Evolution of Russia’s Information Security Doctrine
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research Institute Kvant (Federal Security Service)
  • Federal Security Service (FSB) Internet Monitoring Vendors
  • Federal Security Service (FSB) Administrative Centers for Information Security
Apart from these specialized reports, we also produced the 2011 Russian Federation Information Security Reference.

If Russia is an important piece of your organization's business or security plans and you'd like more information about our intelligence services for the Russian Federation or other countries in Asia, the EU or elsewhere, you can contact us via the Taia Global website.